About Trail’s End Bed And Breakfast


We purchased the house in 2019 and started renovations.  We started transforming the garage, which was once a chicken coop.  We then started renovating the inside of the house, which was 7 bedrooms and 1 ½ baths, transforming it into a 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom house.  Each room is freshly painted, floors refinished and brand new bathrooms.  The only original bathroom is the one on the bottom floor.   Each bedroom has its own highlight and has a brand new bathroom.  Every piece of furniture is antique and handpicked by the Owners/Operators, Ken and Denise Hoffman.  This was truly a labor of love, as we wanted this to be as beautiful, but yet as comfortable as we could possibly make it for our guests to enjoy their stay!  The bedrooms each have their own uniqueness, majestically decorated with exquisite bedspreads and special grandiose touches in each bedroom, as well as each room in the house.