The Switchback Trail Suite is stunning!

Location, location, location!  It is located in the back of the house, looking up to the beautiful mountains/Switchback Trail.  It is simply luxurious with a canopy bed decorated with a stunning purple, satin bedspread with sewn in exquisite flowers and beads.   The sheets are 1200 thread soft sheets.  There is a dresser, chair, television in the room.  The closed-in porch included with this room is a magical touch, offering seating and windows with a beautiful view looking up to the Switchback Trail and mountains.  The bathroom is beautiful and brand new with a shower/tub and a ruffled, Victorian shower curtain.  Each bathroom is supplied with towels, washcloth, soap, shampoo, and a blow dryer under the sink.  There is an Alexa device (Dot) for music, information, and weather reports.